Make the Machine
Make the Vision

Machine & Vision for Optical Inspection Equipment


Main Technology

  • 2D/3D inspection and measurement
  • Optical system design
  • Precision Stage and Return System Design
  • Motion control, Electric field circuit design, CIM automation
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    2D Inspection

  • Automatically inspect and measure various defects in the manufacturing process
  • Appearance Defects, Foreign Matter, Scratches, Crack, Burr, Open/Short, Dimension
  • High-Speed Line Scan Camera Optical System Technology
  • Large Stage Design and Motion Control Technology
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    3D Measurement

  • Supreme Precision 3D measurement technology using Chromatic Confocal technology
  • High-Speed 3-D Measurement Technology Using Line Laser
  • 3D data high-speed processing
  • Flatness, Warpage, Thickness Inspection
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